Our hospice team is well trained and ready to serve in a variety of ways.

“I will be forever grateful for the skillful way our hospice team drew us together to help bring closure and peace between us and our father during his last illness.  What a gift of unity we were given, just by being gently prompted to resolve our issues and express our love.  Thank you for taking such good care of Dad, and for caring for our whole family as he was dying.”

Hospice nurses, social workers, and volunteers are mission-driven to provide peace and comfort in whatever form is needed.  Not just medical comfort.  Spiritual and emotional healing are abundant gifts in a hospice setting.

When patients choose hospice care, they choose compassionate, palliative medical care for themselves. They also choose sensitive, empathetic emotional and spiritual support for their loved ones.  Hospice is about the whole family experience.  Many misunderstandings and resentments have been mended at a hospice patient’s bedside.  Sometimes it’s just the nature of the end of life experience; people realize that in the big picture of life, they just don’t want to continue to carry the burden of a disagreement.  Sometimes they just want to be free to rely upon one another again as a family unit.

Thankfully, these relationship mending moments aren’t necessary in every family.  But when dying patients say their goodbyes, the sight of their family uniting together is often enough to feel satisfied that their work here on earth is done.  Many patients feel free to let go and pass peacefully, once they are assured that “everything will be all right” with the family.  Our hospice team is well trained and ready to serve in a variety of ways.

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