Improving Quality of Life through Palliative Care

While serving the Transitions/Palliative Care program at Memorial, Brenna Horn wrote this about a patient whose quality of life was particularly impacted.

“Our team helped the patient receive an electric wheelchair and a ramp by contacting different agencies in the area. I led him through 5 Wishes, an advanced directive.  I had the privilege of acting as temporary volunteer for respite and companionship for him and his caregiver.  Near the end of my four months as his volunteer, my patient opened up to me about the grief he was experiencing with his loss of independence.  He is now receiving counseling services from one of our social workers.  A volunteer has taken him on multiple trips to the park in his electric wheelchair using the ramp to safely get out of his home.  He wrote in his evaluation of our program that he feels less alone, informed about community resources, more hopeful about the future, and less overwhelmed.”

It is because of you and generous donors like you that make this work possible. More lives are made easier every day.  Thank you.

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