Kick the Can-the soda can that is-to the Curb!

Kim McCorquodale RD, CSO at North Star Lodge

Oh, why I should not drink soda, let me count the reasons. There are all those empty calories if you drink soda with sugar, or all those artificial sweeteners if you drink the diet stuff like I do. Plus a lot of other stuff we don’t need in our bodies, such as caffeine and high levels of phosphorus that can leach the calcium from our bones (not good). And think of all the money you’d save if you stopped! The expense of soda when eating out can rival the food! So, there are lots of great reasons to stop, but how do we get started?

Some tips to help you kick that habit are:

  1. Make a plan and write it down. Don’t try to quit cold-turkey if you are drinking several a day. We generally are more successful when committing to small changes, so start with cutting back to one can each day, then two cans, etc.
  2. Check out all the drink alternatives out there. If you crave that carbonation, try adding a splash of juice to sparkling water. Or add citrus fruit, mint, or cucumber slices to water to jazz it up (see a previous blog on flavored water).
  3. Keep these alternatives around so making a better choice is easier. Just a little pre-planning will really help increase your success.
  4. Adopt a no-soda at home policy, or a no-soda at work policy, or wherever you are most tempted. If it’s not there, you will have to make a bigger effort to drink it.

Please join with me as I try these tips now before the summer months arrive and drinking a cold soda is even more tempting. You, and I, will be well on our way to improving our overall health if we do.

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