Laying The Foundations For Hospice

By Mark Young, Hospice Development

It was great to again visit the Cottage in the Meadow site and speak with Don Holden, foreman with VK Powell, general contractor on the project. Joining Don and me were two special friends of hospice, Corrine Neubert and Arlene Cuillier. These two sisters both had previous experiences with hospice care and were early donors to the Cottage capital project. Don explained the building layout as we walked in and around the Cottage. During our visit Corrine commented, “It is wonderful to see the actual building going up after years of community fundraising.”

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Overall 1,100 donors have contributed to the project in the last 3 years. Each day about 10 construction workers are furiously putting up walls and installing roof trusses now. The short-term goal is to get the roof on the building before the first snow flies allowing workers to work on the interior throughout the winter months. In leaving the site Arlene remarked, “this building will be a great ‘home’ for many at the end of life. Families in our valley will greatly benefit from the care provided at Cottage in the Meadow.”

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