Learn more about the upcoming Alzheimer’s Walk & Memory Loss Conference

Getting the word out about the Walk to End Alzheimer’s AND the Central Washington Memory Loss Conference.


Claire Fallat, left, and Debbie Hunter, right, met KIMA-TV reporter Jackie DelPilar in Franklin Park today for a story about Yakima’s Alzheimer’s Walk on Saturday, Sept. 17, AND to talk about the Central Washington Memory Loss Conference on Nov. 2.

Claire is the Yakima Alzheimer’s Walk coordinator and Debbie is a devoted advocate for Alzheimer’s research and support. Her husband, Chris, got Alzheimer’s disease at age 48 and now is in hospice care. The disease changed their family’s life forever.

Find out more about the walk at alz.org/walk or 206-529-3878.

For more information on the day-long conference (FREE for family caregivers): alzwa.org or call 206-363-5000, ext. 8170.

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