Limit sweet treats at Halloween

Costumes and candy. For many kids, those are the two main ingredients for a happy Halloween.

Unfortunately, the candy component can sometimes get out of hand. But you can help your kids control their candy cravings and still have a great Halloween.

Start by setting limits on candy before the costumes go on. Discuss how much candy is reasonable to eat in a day and the times of day when it’s OK to have candy. Talking about these things beforehand will help kids feel like they’re part of the rulemaking process.

You can also set the right tone by choosing to hand out non-candy treats such as stickers, noisemakers or crayons.

Once trick-or-treating is over, have your kids divide their candy haul into two piles: one for their favorite candies and the other for all the rest. Let them eat a little from each according to the pre-Halloween plan.

Source: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

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