Our Medical Record’s Transition

Dr. Mario Chenal, Medical Oncologist at North Star Lodge Cancer Care Center on;

Our Medical Record’s Transition Part 1:

The medical record has been a collection of the patient’s information, including previous diagnosis, medications and plan of therapy established by medical personnel. It started as a paper based record, and followed by a combination of paper and digital or electronic form. It is the goal that in the future it will become a fully digital record available to physicians in distant locations and transferable by the patients to wherever they go.   We cannot overlook the importance of this tool in the medical practice.  We have witnessed the transformation of every day tools like the stethoscope or the hypodermic glass syringe, from rudimentary instruments to the sophisticated electronic stethoscope or the disposable plastic syringe.  Now and in the future, the medical record (electronic or not) continues to evolve as an essential part to each doctor visit.

North Star Lodge as other medical practices in the Yakima area, have worked with electronic medical records for several years.  These systems have helped us to document notes, laboratory or radiology reports, and maintain communication of treatment plans with other physicians.  In the following months our mixture of electronic and paper based records (charts) will continue to change.  We are in the process of implementing a new electronic medical record (EMR) with oncology (cancer) and hematology (blood disorders) specific capabilities.This system will be important for the treatment of patients in the radiation and medical oncology areas.

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