Meet Doug Rich, hospice campaigner extraordinaire.


Meet Doug Rich, hospice campaigner extraordinaire.  His passion for serving led him to the hospice steering committee for Cottage in the Meadow.  Doug is everybody’s friend.  And a great friend he is.  For the last five years, somehow he has fit hospice in while he juggled his real estate business, golf, family, friends, church, and his beloved music.  He does it all; he composes, plays, and sings.


When you look at the virtual tour of Cottage in the Meadow on this website, listen to the soundtrack.  Yep, Doug wrote it.  Oh, and he performed it for the video, too.  Or as he puts it, “laid in the track.”  Witness the emotion he pours into this project, just as he does with everything he takes on.  We are better for having worked alongside Doug.  His fresh ideas and insights have breathed renewed energy into our campaign many times.

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