Memorial Hospital Safe Sitter Program Teaches Safety and Responsibility

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Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital Community Education is gearing up to begin their summer Safe Sitter program.  The comprehensive two-day class is open to children between the ages of 11 and 13 who are planning to care for younger children either at home or as babysitters.  The class teaches safety basics like CPR, choking hazards, and how to prevent injuries, as well as what to expect developmentally from children at different ages.  In addition, the class teaches another important skill—how to approach babysitting as a business.

The class teaches topics such as how to dress appropriately, questions to ask when screening a potential job, how to turn down a job and how and when it is appropriate to cancel a job.  Baron says teaching business basics are important to helping children begin building skills for future employment opportunities as well as for helping them approach the job with more responsibility.

Part of that responsibility is helping children maintain appropriate authority over the children they are tending. For the safety of the babysitter as well as the children being cared for, it is important that sitters are taught how to handle situations when children have behavioral problems.

The Safe Sitter classes are held throughout the summer. Register Now >>

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