Memorial offers summer babysitting classes

Memorial is again this year offering a series of Safe Sitter classes for boys and girls, ages 11-13, to learn safe and nurturing childcare techniques.

What are the benefits of Safe Sitter classes?

  • Students are empowered. They learn rescue skills and basic first aid. They learn infant and child CPR and choking child rescue, though they will not become CPR-certified.
  • Students gain confidence in how to deal with children. They gain behavior management skills and learn how to handle emergencies when caring for children.
  • Students learn important life skills, such as introductory employment skills and safe habits.
  • And they have fun! It’s an interactive class with games, role-playing situations.

There are also benefits to the community:

  • We increase the number of young adolescents providing safe child care, and we increase the personal safety of teen sitters.
  • Some students use this class as a marketing tool – “I’ve completed a Safe Sitter class” to better sell their abilities to care for children.
  • Students use these skills later in life to be better parents.

This one-day course is being offered seven days this summer at Children’s Village:

June 15, 18 and 22

July 8, 20 and 24

August 4

The $40 fee includes:

  • One-day class, Safe Sitter manual and completion card.

To register, visit, click on classes and events and find the class you want, on the date you want on the calendar. You’ll find a link there to register.

Or for more information, contact Martin Sanchez at 577-5015 or

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