Miracles happen every day at Children’s Village

By Mark Day
Meet Ramon.
After four years in various therapy services at the Village, it was time for Ramon to take the next step in his development and at this same time the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program made its debut at Children’s Village, being the first of its kind in Eastern Washington.

The program is now approaching its first graduation and Ramon and his family are a part of this extraordinary class. For 6 months, Ramon and his family participated in intensive in-home therapy. Between parent trainings and countless hours of work, Lead Behavior Analyst Kamilia Calderon says it is safe to say that “Ramon is like a completely different kid.”

In March, Ramon had absolutely no communication skills, other than hitting his head on hard surfaces and pointing. He had various behavior problems that would concern his mom like coming near a hot stove or leaving the house unattended. Ramon was also unable to be at the grocery store for more than 20 minutes without having a breakdown.
Now just 6 months later Ramon is an entirely different kid. Ramon can now speak and communicate his frustrations and is learning and writing different words. He has come a long way!  He can now be at the grocery store for extended amounts of time as well.
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