Move more, sit less

If you’re sitting down while reading this, you may want to stand up.

Research has found that sitting isn’t good for you. In fact, even if you are diligent about your daily workout, too much sitting during the day can still cause health problems.

How can that be? Scientists think excessive sitting changes how the body moves fat through the bloodstream, which may impact cholesterol levels and raise a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease. The bottom line is this: To lower your risk for heart disease, it’s a good idea to both exercise more and sit less.

That may be a tough order for people whose job requires being at a desk 40 hours a week.

If that’s you, get up, stand up and move whenever you can. For example:

  • Time for a coffee break? Take a stroll around the office while you’re at it.
  • Stand up to answer your phone, and stay on your feet as much as you can during the conversation.
  • Don’t zip off an email to your co-worker. Walk over to his or her desk instead.
  • Skip the elevator and take the stairs whenever possible.

Source: American College of Sports Medicine


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