Get Up, Get Moving!

Guest:  Kate Sansom, Memorial’s Community Health Education

                Kaci Komstadius, Sage Fruit       

Date:     June 3, 2014

Memorial Hospital, Rock Solid Fitness and Sage Fruit want you to get up and get moving! Together, they’re sponsoring a fun, family-friend event aimed at getting your family active and healthy. Memorial’s Kate Sansom and Kaci Komstadius of Sage Fruit appeared on KIT 1280 on June 3, 2014 to discuss the event and encourage people to attend.

Why this event?

Obesity and diabetes are serious health issues in both adults and children in the Yakima Valley. Together, we want to encourage families to learn more about nutrition and fitness and explore ways they can be active – and ultimately healthy – together.

Memorial’s Community Health Education offers classes and programs in these areas – diabetes prevention, managing chronic disease and ACT!, which helps children who are obese and at risk of serious health issues now and into the future.

Rock Solid Fitness and Memorial recognize that instilling healthy lifestyle habits in one person can impact an entire family, and having that positive effect on one family can slowly improve the health of an entire community. And Sage Fruit – already a big supporter of Memorial’s ACT! Program for obese children in our Valley, is supporting this event by providing snacks and water at no charge to participants.

So, Get Up, Get Moving!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Sarg Hubbard Park

111 S. 18th St., Yakima

The event features the ultimate obstacle course, with 25 obstacles of fun, physical challenges for children ages 6-12 and their parents to work through together. Nutrition and fitness information will also be provided.

No charge. No registration required.

Just check in at the pavilion and wear appropriate clothing to be active – no sandals or flip-flops.

For more information, visit or call 225-3179.

Frequently asked questions:

I am overweight. Are there programs to help me in Yakima?

Yes. Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital offers a variety of classes and programs designed to improve nutrition, fitness and overall health. Memorial offers a new, evidence-based diabetes program in both English and Spanish, as well as a diabetes prevention program for people who are at risk of developing the disease.

Are there programs in Yakima for overweight or obese children?

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital’s ACT! program provides fitness and nutrition information for overweight or obese children and their families. Offered in partnership with the Yakima YMCA and Sage Fruit, the evidence-based lifestyle program is geared for children ages 8-14 and their parents or guardians. It includes a 90-minute group session each week for 12 weeks, a three-month YMCA membership, consultation with a nutritionist and physical activity coach, and more. For more information, visit

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