My 56-year-old brother was diagnosed with the dreaded “cancer.”

A grateful family member writes:

A year and a half ago, our family suffered a tremendous loss. My 56-year-old brother was diagnosed with the dreaded “cancer.” We were optimistic about beating this horrible illness, but found there was no treatment. We were thrust into the realization that there wasn’t anything further that could be done for him, and we had very little time to come up with a plan. We were forced to realize we would lose him. Bringing him back home for his last days was not feasible due to the extensive care he needed. We had two options, one was to leave him in the hospital to live out his last few days, or bring him closer to home and allow him to pass in a quiet home setting. Cottage in the Meadow was a Godsend to our family. It allowed us to spend the last days and hours with my brother. The care and compassion from the staff was unbelievable. We would have been devastated had we not had this option. Families going through a similar situation need this. They provide compassion to not only the patient but to families as well. Thank you, Cottage in the Meadow, for all that you do!” C.F. – Yakima 


And The Memorial Foundation thanks YOU, our generous community, for your gifts supporting Cottage in the Meadow, our only inpatient hospice facility Yakima County.