What is National Screen-Free Week?

What is National Screen-Free Week? No, not health screenings, but the former TV-Turnoff Week. It is not only TV screens we view—today screens are everywhere; computers, iPods, smart phones, smart TV’s and video games. Am I forgetting any?  Currently, the average time a preschooler spends in front of the screen is 32 hours a week and even more for older children. Too much screen time is resulting in poor academic performance and childhood obesity.

Screen-free week is a time for you and your family to spend some “face time” engaging in fun indoor or outdoor activities that not only get you off the couch but also give you an opportunity to improve your over all well-being.

Don’t let food marketing ads and commercials weigh you down. Take the pledge and replace screen time with these 101 screen-free activities: http://www.screenfree.org/101screenfreeactivities.pdf.

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