The Memorial Foundation February Newsletter

Children’s Initiative

Quote from a past contestant: “The tour of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit was an eye-opening experience for me.  I now know that I want to get my degree in medicine and come back and help others.” –A YouthWorks student

The Memorial Foundation’s YouthWorks program involves hundreds of teens in many positive ways each year. Scores of high school students throughout our Valley dedicate a good portion of the school year volunteering their time to help local children. The students are out in full force, raising funds for programs that serve children with special healthcare needs. Tickets to the pageants are just $5 each. We invite you to attend…the students put their hearts into this show!  All pageants start at 7:00 PM at their school.

February 20 Mr. West Valley

February 28 Mr. Davis

March 6 Mr. Naches

March 8 Mr. Wapato

March 14 Mr. Ike

March 23 Mr. Sunnyside High

March 29 Mr. East Valley

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