North Star Lodge Cancer Care Center hosts 30-40 active trials at a time

Yakima is considered a small town with a very robust clinical trials program.   The North Star Lodge Cancer Care Center hosts 30-40 active trials involving over 200 patients at any given time.  Clinical trials participation is 1-2% of patient base nationwide while North Star Lodge engages 6-8% of its patient base.

  • 15-20% percent of all patients served at North Star Lodge are Hematology patients.   Thirty percent of all clinical trials participants are hematology patients.
  • There are hematology patients here who don’t have cancer, some hematology patients have diseases that can progress to cancer, so it makes sense to see a specialist.
  • Hematology malignancies like leukemia and myeloma are cancers and are treated at North Star Lodge.
  • Thomas Boyd, MD, Lead Investigator at North Star Lodge was recognized in 2012 by U.S. Oncology as being among the top trial enrollers out of over 2,000 network physicians in the nation.  His Lead Research Coordinator, Beth Parker was also recognized as the second highest enrolling coordinator out of 210 US Oncology Network coordinators in the nation.


NSL offers clinical trials at every stage of cancer and provides patients with access to some of the latest and most effective drugs in the fight against and management of cancer.  George Harding, a patient at North Star Lodge was diagnosed with MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome), a mild form of Leukemia in 2003.  He began treatments through the clinical trials program and is living an active life, “thanks to all the knowledge and resources at North Star Lodge,” claims Harding.  Take a look at the news story produced by KAPP-TV.

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