North Star Lodge Cancer Clinical Trials

North Star Lodge Cancer Care Center offers clinical trials at every stage of cancer and provides patients with access to some of the latest and most effective drugs in the fight against and management of cancer.  Yakima is considered a small town with a very robust clinical trials program.

How long has North Star Lodge offered clinical trials?

  • The program started in 1991.
  • NSL has participated in more than 200 trials since the program’s inception.
  • At any given time, NSL is hosting 30-40 active trials


Who participates in the clinical trials?

  • The North Star Lodge Clinical Trials program has approximately 75 active patients and about 130 patients in long term follow up.
  • Nationwide the average participation is 1-2% of a clinic’s patient base.  North Star Lodge engages 6-8% of its patient base.
  • 15-20% percent of all patients served at North Star Lodge are Hematology patients.   Thirty percent of all clinical trials participants are hematology patients.
  • There are hematology patients here who don’t have cancer, some hematology patients have diseases that can progress to cancer, so it makes sense to see a specialist.
  • The North Star Lodge website lists the current trials we are participating in and includes links to national resources for trials.

How are patients selected?

There are two ways to be selected for clinical trials:

  1. Clinical trials staff prescreens the records of referred patients for eligibility and then informs the physician that the patient might be eligible for entrance into a study.
  2. The physician, after consulting with the patient and reviewing the chart, contacts the clinical trials staff about a trial that might benefit a patient.


Clinical trials are completely voluntary. The patient has the right to withdraw from the study at any time during treatment or follow-up.


For information about the active trials at North Star Lodge go to or call Clinical Trials Coordinator, Beth Parker at 509-574-3493.




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