North Star Lodge outreach clinics—We are where our patients need us to be

North Star Lodge Cancer Center cares for patients who are spread out over a wide geographical area. Our outreach clinics help to meet the needs of our patients and keep them close to home for treatment whenever possible.
Q: Where and when are services available?

A: Services are available in Ellensburg (Tuesdays) and Sunnyside (every other Thursday).

Q: What services are available?

A: The outreach clinics offer hematology and oncology services. North Star Lodge nurses and doctors travel to the outreach clinics to provide consults, office visits and treatments (infusions and injections). We work together with both Kittitas and Sunnyside hospitals to provide ancillary services such as labs and diagnostic procedures.

Q: How do patients get scheduled to go to an outreach clinic instead of North Star Lodge?

A: All patients are scheduled centrally through North Star Lodge. If they have a treatment or appointment that is eligible for an outreach clinic location, they are offered that option. Not all appointments are eligible due to complexity or timing.

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