Now Where Shall I Go?

Bill loved the great outdoors. Hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, camping, boating—you name it, he got out and did it.

So when Bill died, the family decided it was only fitting to have Bill’s body cremated and his ashes spread over the same stretch of land that Bill enjoyed so much (it should go without saying that the family determined where they could legally spread his ashes before doing so).

Then the family returned home, and returned to their lives, and they felt something was missing.

They didn’t have a place to go to honor Bill.

See, when a loved one’s remains are buried in a cemetery, that spot often becomes a sacred space. Family members especially may go there to periodically pay their respects, or sit and ponder, or even talk to the memory of their loved one.

If you don’t have a cemetery plot to head to, then be sure you find a spot that will be meaningful to you and designate it as your sacred space—a comfortable place where you can go to focus on the memories of the loved one that’s no longer with you.

Healing from grief begins when we recognize what we need. Designating a spot that is specifically meant to honor your loved one can assist you in triggering memories and getting away to honor your loved one.

In a time of loss, this can meet a tremendous need.

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