Nutrition Tips for Healthy Summer Meals

Potato or Pasta Salad: Substitute a variety of chopped vegetables for part of the pasta or potatoes to increase vitamins & phytochemicals and decrease calories.
Grill fruit: try peaches and pineapple for a yummy summer dessert.
Marinate and flip grilled meats frequently to reduce cancer causing compounds produced during hot grilling.
Cut your desserts into smaller portions to save calories while still giving you that sweet taste—friends can always take two!
Load your kabobs with veggies and less meat or make all veggie kabobs and watch them disappear.
Try a whole grain based salad (such as brown rice, bulgur or quinoa) instead of regular pasta or potato salad.
Cut back on red meat and increase your intake of phytochemicals by swapping half of the meat in casseroles with beans (black beans and lentils are two favorites).
When it comes to lowering your cancer risk, it’s what you do most of the time that matters, not the occasional choice.

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