Is your child grieving the death of a parent, sibling, or loved one?

Is your child grieving the death of a parent, sibling, or loved one?

Kids Grief Workshops
Saturday / February 24 & April 28 / 2018
11:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m.
Cottage in the Meadow / 1208 S 48th Ave—Conference Room

Lunch will be provided for every family. Parents can enjoy lunch with the children before the activities begin.

For more information or to register for the workshop, contact Nicholas Valadez at or 509-574-6746.

Virginia Mason Memorial is offering hands-on workshops to help guide children ages 5–17 and their parents or guardians through the grief associated with death.

Each workshop will provide an opportunity for children to express their feelings and thoughts through creative activities and meet others who have experienced a similar loss.

While children are participating in activities to assist their recovery, parents and guardians will be involved in their own grief recovery program geared for adults.


Child and Babysitter Safety Classes

Do you have an 11-15 year old at home that is looking to start babysitting? Are you 11-15 and want to start babysitting but aren’t sure about how to begin or if you’re ready for the responsibility? Why not learn the basics and safety all while earning a CPR and first aid certification! Come join us at Lakeview Pavilion for our new Child and Babysitter Safety (CABS) Classes. Our ASHI certified instructors will educate you in the basics of CPR and first aid, in responsible supervision, in handling emergency situations, and in building your babysitting business. Classes are just $40 and registration is just one click away. Grab a parent and go to to sign up today!

Pace International stopped in to `Ohana Mammography Center this week to give the staff a really big check

The fine folks at Pace International stopped in to `Ohana Mammography Center this week to give the staff a really big check to support breast cancer prevention and detection in the Yakima Valley. Pace, headquartered in Wapato, held a month-long fundraiser last October for Breast Cancer Awareness (pink pumpkin decorating! A raffle! pink dress-up day! breast cancer trivia games!) They plan to do it again next October, too! Thank you, Pace International!

Virginia Mason Healthcare’s ongoing effort to serve more antibiotic-free meats

“Although there’s more improvements to be made, my previous perception was that they were treated worse,” Matthew Eagens, Virginia Mason Memorial support services senior director, commented when stepping out of the first barn and into the second test barn, one of the more than 200 barns that now have windows and is being studied for the effects on flocks. Eagens, one of more than a dozen attendees, represented Virginia Mason Healthcare’s ongoing effort to serve more antibiotic-free meats.”

Read the full article at How health care is shaping food production


Happy New Year! Still in need of a resolution? Consider these for 2018:

  1. Follow the Healthy Eating Plate to create balanced and nutritious meals (and eat less red meat). Check out the Plant Based Menu items in the Café.
  2. Fly and drive less: Use a telecommuting service; and walk, bike or opt for public transportation. Employee indoor bike rack and showers coming in the Spring!
  3. Power down and cut your screen time: Commit to putting away your devices two hours before bed to reduce your exposure to blue light (and remember to unplug your chargers when not in use)
  4. Prioritize reusable and toxic-free products (some chemicals added to products do not break down in the environment), and reduce your own exposure to harmful chemicals
  5. Get active! Get outside to enjoy the great outdoors or join a gym. Consider 10 minute walking breaks, 3x a day for your 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise.

The Picture of Health: Chicken Soup, the Flu & You!

This month, beginning Jan. 1, we visit with Deborah Brown and Jeremy Slowe. Physician Assistant Deborah has advice for what to do if you get the flu (and what you can do to prevent it!). Then we talk to Jeremy Slowe, who we call “The Healthiest Man in the World.”

Find the Picture of Health on Channel 192 if you’re a Charter Cable subscriber. Don’t get Charter cable? Find the show online and watch any episode at any time at

Dine at Zesta Cucina, Westside Pizza and help Yakima Valley kids!

Students from area high schools will be taking over as servers at Zesta Cucina and Westside Pizza as they compete for titles in this year’s YouthWorks Pageants, waiting tables to raise awareness and money for children’s health-care needs in our community at Virginia Mason Memorial and Children’s Village. Zesta Cucina and Westide Pizza will donate a portion of each evening’s proceeds to help the students raise funds.

The schedule for the restaurant take-overs is:

Jan. 8 and 9: Mr. West Valley at Westside Pizza, 5- 8 p.m.
Feb. 9: Mr. West Valley at Zesta Cucina, 5-8 p.m.
Feb. 16: Mr. Ike at Zesta Cucina, 5-8 p.m.

Zesta Cucina is in Glenwood Square at 5110 W. Tieton Drive, and Westside Pizza is located at 140 S. 72nd Ave.

Since the YouthWorks Pageants began in 2001, more than $1 million has been raised for the Children’s Health Care Fund at Virginia Mason Memorial!