What a few patients are saying

We’re deeply committed to improving the health of those we serve with compassion and integrity. So when patients say we’ve cared for them as if they were members of our own family, we know we’ve been successful in helping them through their journey. We truly love and are thankful for our patients.

  • I know for me I can’t thank the entire staff at North Star enough, everyone working there was fantastic, and played a part in my recovery.


  • For me, my wife and family. She was a couple of weeks of giving birth to our daughter and she was with me in the hospital in Seattle for all 11 days I was there. From sunrise to well after sunset. Truly my hero. Also my sister, helped out so much when I got home. The rest of my family and friends and of course the people at North Star. Having severe claustrophobia and putting the mask on for my radiation treatments, they made it calm for me.-Joel

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