Peaceful next steps. . .

Following is a letter from a Memorial employee about the compassionate care her family received at Cottage in the Meadow:
“I never thought our family would need Cottage in the Meadow. We all wished that our loved one would pass in her sleep. That did not happen; and after an event that proved to be irreparable, our family made the decision to use hospice and transfer her from the hospital to Cottage.
The entire experience was beautiful for our loved one and family. The dignity, compassion and comfort offered will always be remembered. As a family we were able to stay and open the door to the sound of water and the smell of spring flowers. We took turns at the bedside stroking her hair and massaging her body to comfort her.
We compared this experience to the deaths of two other grandparents. It was not comparable; the other events did not allow for the peaceful next step in life’s journey, tender loving moments or closure.
The staff and volunteers need to be commended for the work they do each and every day.”

One thought on “Peaceful next steps. . .

  1. Thank you for taking the time to write about your family’s experience with Cottage in the Meadow. Saying last goodbyes to any loved one is difficult; having a peaceful home-like place where you can all gather while providing the best of professional palliative care DOES ease the anxiety for all involved. It is a true honor to be able to nurse a loved one to a peaceful death. We are grateful to have been of service. May your memories and love provide the comfort you all need to help heal.

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