A picture’s worth…

Working in the ivy covered brick house at 2701 Tieton Drive, The Memorial Foundation team identifies with its unique office space. The cozy house, converted to offices many years ago, fosters an informal ambience…a closeness…a feeling of community. It’s a place to greet donors, some as they lovingly deliver memorial tributes to honor loved ones. It’s a place for planning, setting goals, and partnering with our community.

Several months ago we discussed getting a new rendering of the Foundation office to use for the website and various publications. Remembering talented local watercolorist Terri Jones, (a retired Memorial nurse) we asked if she might be interested in commissioning a painting. When asked, Terri quickly responded, “The Foundation does so much and Memorial has been so good to me, I want to donate the painting.” With an artist’s eye she photographed the building to capture just the right lighting. Before we knew it, Terri had the painting completed, matted and framed!
To the team here at the Foundation, the office is more than a building, a converted house…it’s where we work to fulfill the Foundation’s mission…To advance health improvement through philanthropy by educating and involving our community. We couldn’t think of a better place to do that!

Thank you Terri Jones for capturing The Memorial Foundation at 2701 Tieton Drive in just the right light!

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