Pink Lady® Asks Consumers To Read Nutritional Information And Take A Walk

With the apple already having such a positive image when it comes to healthful eating, one would think its selection over food which may not be as healthy would be a no-brainer. Pink Lady America thinks choosing apples is important enough to do a little research and making smart choices.

“Positive images are certainly valuable to any product in general and in particular to a brand like Pink Lady®,” says Dr. John Reeves, general manager of Pink Lady America LLC headquartered in Yakima, Washington.

“Unfortunately, in a world with other branded products and especially snacks often have huge marketing budgets, the apples’ image of health can take a backseat even though those other guys may have a nutritional profile which pales by comparison.”

So, with the chances of apples being able to compete any time soon when it comes to having a huge marketing bankroll slim or none, Dr. Reeves is asking consumers looking for a healthier lifestyle to do something really quite simple.

“Like most things, a little knowledge can go a long way when it comes to understanding the nutritional value of snacks,” Dr. Reeves says. “In this case all that’s required is about 30 seconds of checking out the nutritional information on the package.”

“Actually, it’s really easy just to start with a quick look at two of the more important nutritional aspects, calories and fiber.”

“For instance, when it comes to calories, one medium apple a day such as Pink Lady®, amounts to 47,550 calories over the period of a year, while a candy bar totals a whopping 108, 090 calories.”

When it comes to fiber, the apple yields 1,825 grams over a year of consuming one each day, while the candy bar provides just 475 grams.
Understanding that a picture is indeed worth a thousand (or more) words, it has produced a single sheet with graphs showing the calorie and fiber comparison. This same sheet is topped by some very active children and Pink Lady® spokesperson, Ali Vincent, first female Biggest Loser.

Pink Lady America is also pointing to another very important choice when it comes to one’s health profile and it’s just as simple as checking on factors such as calories and fiber. This choice involves taking a Pink Lady® for a walk.

With its hand-held convenience, edible (and healthy) wrapper and self-composting core, research is showing the health benefits, not to mention time savings, of eating a Pink Lady® Brand Apple while taking a walk.

A study from the University of Leicester in England shows a walk of 2,000 steps (about 20 minutes) will help reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack.
(For more information contact Dr. Reeves at 509-840-5075 or Alan Taylor at 509-961-9186 or

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