Power of a simple thank you

8 10 15 Outdoor Cineman Night CollageThe power of a simple thank you
By Lisa Hagreen, Staff Development Specialist at Memorial

Have you ever experienced so much gratitude that it humbled you?

On Sunday, August 9th, Memorial partnered with Yakima Parks and Recreation to sponsor Outdoor Cinema Night at Chesterley Park. Memorial utilized this opportunity to offer Memorial Family of Services employees a fun time with their family while promoting health and wellness in our community.

I had the opportunity to feel gratitude from so many people and felt humbled by the sheer joy of giving!

Memorial gave away bike helmets and popcorn, while Sage Fruit provided apples and fun toys, Nerf balls and Frisbees! The look on the kids and adults faces when we told them the items were free was incredible and was accompanied by heartfelt ” thank yous.” My gratitude meter hit a new high!

I was talking with one of the participants about how I was feeling and they said, “The people providing often receive more joy by giving then they do from receiving…”

Try it out – the next time you provide something to someone and they say thank you, let yourself feel the joy of gratitude!

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