Trying to quit smoking? Memorial can help with this class


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Trying to quit smoking? Memorial can help with this class


If you’re planning to quit smoking, there’s at least one thing that can really help: teamwork.


Some people quit cold turkey. But honestly, that can be really tough. While no method of quitting is easy, turning to your doctor for assistance may boost your chances for success—perhaps significantly.


In some cases, even brief advice delivered during an office visit can make a difference. In others, your doctor may direct you to specific resources such as:


Medication. Medicines help with nicotine withdrawal—one of the most difficult aspects of quitting. They’re available by prescription. Some products, such as nicotine patches, lozenges and gum, may be purchased over the counter.


Counseling or support groups. These help you break your emotional ties to smoking. When combined with medicines, they can be particularly effective. Your doctor can provide information about options available for individuals, both in group settings and over the phone.


Smoking cessation services. These include websites, publications and other tools that can be helpful. Generally, they’re free. You can find some resources at:


Sources: American Cancer Society; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Memorial offers a 4-week Practical Quit-Smoking Plan starting on December 30th at North Star Lodge. Topics will include:


  • Making a decision to quit
  • Identifying a day to quit
  • Preparing for quit day
  • Managing urges and stopping for good


For more information and to register, contact Lisa Rolstad at North Star Lodge at 509-574-3541. Offered at no charge to North Star Lodge patients; general public $25

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