Radio Flyer Wagons Donated to Memorial

Radio Flyer Wagons Donated to Memorial

Radio Flyer, Inc. and  Starlight Children’s Foundation have brightened Memorial Hospital with a recent donation of 10 cherry red wagons. Hospital personnel use the classic wagons in place of wheelchairs or stretchers to transport children to and from surgeries, treatment rooms and playrooms. The wagons help to make the experience an adventure, with children traveling the hallways in comfort and style.

“It is heartwarming to see our littlest patients transported in a fun, safe and comfortable wagon to their treatment rooms or simply on a ride to provide entertainment or distraction from their illness,” said Anne Caffery, President of The Memorial Foundation. “Our patients love being strolled around the hospital in a wagon. Their parents have been especially pleased by the ease and maneuverability it offers.  We have found the children to be less stressed and more relaxed when brought to the operating room in a wagon instead of a cart.”

Thank you, Radio Flyer and Starlight Children’s Foundation!

2 thoughts on “Radio Flyer Wagons Donated to Memorial


    What a gift to our kiddo’s! (and it makes it easier for a parent to see their child taken away to surgery, too!!)

    Thanks Radio Flyer, Inc. and Starlight Children’s Foundation!

    Amy 🙂

  2. Reminds me of 30 years plus ago when members of the Alma Grahman Guild purchased the first Red Wagon with siderails to be used in surgery . Mary Shannon of the Alma Graham Guild, and her husband, Dick assembled the wagon, sometime in 1977-1978. The story made the news back then also.

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