Raegan’s Heart for Hospice

By Branden Johnson



I had the opportunity to observe Raegan Ramynke during her senior project. Raegan’s senior project was to increase community awareness about hospice care and to raise money for end-of-life care services in our community. Her senior project was held at one of the basketball games in East Valley, WA b1which raised $457.30. She auctioned off five handmade bracelets each with their own theme and design. Most of her work was done at home; unsupervised and unmonitored. Raegan demonstrated a strong work ethic and determination to meet and exceed specific deadlines and fundraising goals. She surpassed her fundraising goal by over $350.


Hospice is a program of care and support for patients and families who are faced with a terminal illness.

Hospice helps terminally ill people live their best lives, as comfortably as possible. The focus is on comfort, not on curing an illness. Hospice care is provided to those with a diagnosis of six months or less to live. End-of-life discussions can be difficult due to cultural and taboo beliefs surrounding death and dying. Our youth can be sheltered and withdrawn from these conversations with family, friends, and others in the community. However, there are a few students, like Raegan, who are committed to the increasing awareness about the health care continuum, ranging from birth to death. Raegan Ramynke has exemplified her commitment to serving our community by her involvement in Memorial Hospital’s YouthWorks program. YouthWorks assists youth in the development of lifelong and community service skills through programs associated with Memorial Family of Services.


Currently, Raegan has a cumulative GPA of 3.958 and is the co-captain of the East Valley girls’ basketball team. In addition to academics and athletics, Raegan is the treasurer for our YouthWorks program and oversees the financials relating to fundraising. For the past three years, Raegan has been actively involved in Teens Against Tobacco Use and Georgetown University’s Pre-Med Immersion Program. She also mentors children with special health care needs during sporting and holiday events which allow them to participate in the activities.

Raegan is a well-rounded student and cares deeply for her community.  Raegan would like the money to go to Cottage in the Meadow’s charity fund that allows patients who have limited financial resources to stay at the Cottage.  Raegan has been accepted to Gonzaga and University of Oregon to name a few.  Without a doubt, her future is bright! Thank you Raegan!


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