Removing barriers to cancer care

Oftentimes, cancer patients have financial barriers that can derail their treatment. Jesus, a patient at North Start Lodge, recently experienced such a barrier. Before he could begin his cancer treatment, he first had to undergo a dental procedure with the University of Washington. During this same season of his life, Jesus’ mother passed. While meeting with Jesus, his social worker at North Star Lodge realized that he was having a difficult time paying his dental debt, paying for his share of his mother’s burial, and paying for his day-do-day expenses. The social workers stepped in and stepped up. They helped Jesus negotiate smaller monthly payments and assisted in paying part of one of his power bills. Jesus was able to finish his cancer treatment, pay his dental bills over time, stay warm during treatment and go on to live his best life.

Through the generosity of our donors and The Memorial Foundation, patients like Jesus can continue their care and have the optimum chance of surviving a cancer diagnosis.