A River Rescue, Biegnets, and Bourbon Street!

Dateline The French Quarter, New Orleans Louisiana. Today turned out to be quite a day for Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider. Yours Truly decided to take the trolley down to the Riverwalk on the Mighty Mississippi River and walk up into the French Quarter. En route I saw the Riverboat Naches moored and took a few pictures before walking on by.

Suddenly I looked up to find people scurrying around on the boat grabbing grappling rods and life rings. Upon viewing the scene and putting my more than ample detective skills to work, I deduced that some Riverboat Natchez deck hands had been at the end of a boarding ramp that was suspended out over the water, anchored at the boat end. The tie-downs gave way and their end fell towards the water, only to be stopped by a crane that was also attached. Two deck hands were hanging on for dear life at the bottom of that inverted boarding ramp.

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Starting the end of May 2013 I will be riding around our great nation to raise funds for cancer research and treatment. Join me in supporting our cause… ALL donated funds go directly to The Memorial Foundation. My wife and I are funding the ride expenses.

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