Rocky and Karen Host Cancer Ride America, and CABBAGE PATCH??

Dateline New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider takes a couple of days to enjoy time with my old friends Rocky and Karen. I first met Rocky when he moved into my neighborhood back home, and we became fast and best friends quickly. Then Boeing decided they needed him elsewhere in the world many years ago, and we only got to visit every few years. And so today, I went and found he and his wonderful wife.

I hasten to tell you that Rocky served several tours in Viet Nam and was a Squad Sergeant, and decorated hero. As with all of the Viet Nam Veterans I know, he speaks rarely about the war, and has difficulty doing so. Over many years, I have learned that he always took “point” on patrols if there was an open area to be crossed, that he literally ran to the front when under fire so as to spare the “kids” on his squad, and eventually was shot up and had to be sent home for medical care. He now suffers back, leg, and knee problems, but refused to give up riding so he traded in his two wheels for three.


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