“Sailing Away to Key Largo….”

Dateline The Third “End Of America To End Cancer:….Key West Florida. Your Intrepid Cancer Cure Rider finally made it to the official Key West, most Southern point in America marker today. It’s very picturesque and tons of people were standing in line to take pictures with it. Yours Truly took the video and then snuck in later for pictures. Hopefully by the time the local Gand de Arm realize where the ‘Wing is in the picture the statute of limitations will have gone by! – See more at: http://cancerrideamerica.org/blog/cancer-ride-america-visits-corner-number-key-west-florida#sthash.qCzKkUr0.dpuf
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Starting the end of May 2013 I will be riding around our great nation to raise funds for cancer research and treatment. Join me in supporting our cause… ALL donated funds go directly to The Memorial Foundation. My wife and I are funding the ride expenses.”

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