Singing at Cottage in the Meadow

singingDuring the Winter Break,  the YouthWorks team had the opportunity to sing Christmas carols for the patients, families, and employees at Cottage in the Meadow.

The YouthWorks program is about youth empowerment and community service. A partnership between Memorial Hospital and The Memorial Foundation, the program engages our community’s youth in mentoring, volunteering, and philanthropic opportunities to impact local healthcare needs.

The YouthWorks Council is the lead component of the YouthWorks program. Council members, ranging from high school to college aged students, who become are highly driven and very passionate. They volunteer, fundraise, and help to develop programs related to our areas of focus:

  • Working Together for a Healthy Yakima
  • Improving Children’s Health
  • Advancing Cancer Care
  • Supporting Patients at the End of Life

The application period for becoming a member of the YouthWorks Council is May – July. Applications and additional information are available here.

For constant updates and information on the application process, please visit the YOUTHWORKS blog.


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