Speaking from the Heart

“Cottage in the Meadow allowed me to just be her son at the end of my mom’s life.”  Jason Schilling spoke from the heart when he told his story at the Cottage in the Meadow Garden Reception this past fall.  From the time of her diagnosis, all Jason wanted was to take care of his mother the way she had always cared for him. It wasn’t until she was admitted that he realized how much he and his children also needed the solace of Cottage in the Meadow.  They let the professionals take over the medical care, and the family was then able to be there to support his mom and say good-bye without worrying about the caregiving details.  Coincidentally, Jason’s wife, Laura, started her first day as a nurse at the Cottage on the day her mother-in-law was admitted.  She felt fortunate to have the team supporting her family through the ordeal of their mother’s passing. And now, softened by the heartbreaking lessons of experience, Laura carries on, tenderly supporting other families as they are caressing the hand of their own loved ones for the last time.

Your gifts have helped Jason and so many other families like his as they lovingly say good-bye to their loved ones.

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