Spring Fling

Spring is here, and we want you to get up and get moving! Memorial partnered with Rock Solid Fitness on the Spring Fling into Fitness and Wellness, a fun, family-friendly event aimed at getting your family active and healthy. Kate Sansom of Memorial’s Community Health Education and Becky Hamilton Jones of Rock Solid Fitness discussed the event April 8, 2014 on KIT 1280.

Why this event?

Obesity and diabetes are serious health issues in both adults and children in the Yakima Valley. Together, we want to encourage families to learn more about nutrition and fitness and explore ways they can be active – and ultimately healthy – together.


Memorial’s Community Health Education offers classes and programs in these areas – diabetes prevention, managing chronic disease and ACT!, which helps children who are obese and at risk of serious health issues now and into the future.


Rock Solid Fitness is built on changing people’s lives in health and fitness.

Becky is the founder of Rock Solid Fitness. She grew up in a home where her parents endured health problems – her father died five years ago after suffering from diabetes for years. Then Becky got motivated to make some major life changes: She left a 12-year career in web design to become an athletic trainer and make the jump into health and fitness.


Rock Solid Fitness and Memorial recognize that instilling healthy lifestyle habits in one person can impact an entire family, and having that positive effect on one family can slowly improve the health of an entire community.


The event on Saturday, April 12, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Franklin Park, featured the ultimate obstacle course, with 25 obstacles of fun, physical challenges for children and their parents to work through together. Nutrition and fitness information were also provided.


At the event, Kohl’s Department Stores also presented a check to Memorial’s helmet safe program to provide bike helmets to children.


For more information about the Spring Fling or Memorial’s health education programs, visit yakimamemorial.org or call 225-3179.

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