Would you like to help stock our cupboard?

Sometimes a family member is unable or reluctant to leave Cottage in the Meadow to go out for a meal break.  Perhaps their loved one is restless or in need of company; perhaps death is imminent and the family member doesn’t want to miss a moment of opportunity to comfort their patient.

There is a small family kitchen and a lovely dining room at the Cottage.  The kitchen has a microwave oven, a refrigerator, basic vending machines, a coffee pot, dishwasher, and a sink.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to stock the cupboard in that little kitchen with non-perishable quick meals and snacks to help tide people over until they can get away?  This small kindness would make a great difference to a weary loved one; bolster their courage and give them a chance to take a quick break without leaving.

Here are some suggested items to help stock the family kitchen hospitality cupboard:

Prepackaged Single serving microwaveable non perishables , such as soups, instant noodles or mac and cheese, shelf-stable meals, crackers, cookies, chips, small bottles of fruit juice, tea, coffee, paper plates, cups and napkins.

If you can help, please drop off your donation of items directly at the Cottage, 1208 S 48th Avenue or The Memorial Foundation—2701 Tieton Drive, Yakima.  You can also make a monetary gift through our secure online giving page at memfound.org

Thank you.  Your contribution will mean the world to a harried family.

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