My Journey in Holland

Holland – A support group for families who have received a new diagnosis for their child. At the beginning of the year my (then)fiancé and I were in such a terrible place in our relationship.  Family outings were a struggle.  Our home life was busy and complicated.  We couldn’t agree on     parenting our 3 year Read more about My Journey in Holland[…]

Can you help children with special needs in Yakima?

The gift of growing up. From updated equipment in Memorial’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to early diagnosis and treatment of special needs, you have given the incredible gift of growing up to thousands of children in our region. Your support has taught families how to work together to ensure vulnerable babies reach their fullest potential. Read more about Can you help children with special needs in Yakima?[…]

Children’s Village an asset to the children in our community

“ I am thankful for the visionary leadership and generous community that came together and built  Children’s Village twenty years ago.  Children’s Village has been a great partner and asset to the children in our community, giving a voice and second chance to those in our community that need it more than anyone, providing a Read more about Children’s Village an asset to the children in our community[…]

“It’s like a daily improv show, you never know what is going to come your way.”

Autism 200 is a series of 90-minute classes for parents and caregivers of children with autism who wish to better understand autism spectrum disorder. Faculty from Seattle Children’s Hospital and the University of Washington teach the classes. Children’s Village provides a teleconference the 3rd Thursday of the month, 7pm at Children’s Village. This is a Read more about “It’s like a daily improv show, you never know what is going to come your way.”[…]

Erik Halvorson – Then and Now

In 2011, Erik Halvorson presented Governor Gregoire one of his famous hand-made lanyards on a special visit to Children’s Village. Erik is an entrepreneur with a big heart. For years, he has beaded and sold lanyards. At age 13, Erik used his earnings to purchase Christmas gifts for children attending the Holiday Festival at Children’s Read more about Erik Halvorson – Then and Now[…]

A Sibling's Perspective

This is a cross-post from Autism Speaks. The poem was submitted by Dorothy P. Hopkins. Her granddaughter wrote this poem about her brother with autism.   Although he can’t speak I know his emotions He’s frustrated, why can’t we understand him He’s confused Does he know he’s different? That he’s not like us? It doesn’t Read more about A Sibling's Perspective[…]

Autism and Yakima: What are the needs?

An estimated 700 children in Yakima are on the Autism Spectrum with more diagnosed every year. That’s 700 children with significant health and developmental needs. That’s 700 families needing resources, wisdom, expertise and support. Twelve years ago when Children’s Village came to fruition and again when a capital campaign was launched, services for children and Read more about Autism and Yakima: What are the needs?[…]