Central Washington Survivor’s Club at North Star Lodge

The Central Washington Survivors Club at North Star Lodge offers cancer survivors many ways to meet others with similar experiences.   Hear from one of the organizers at 8:10 this morning on KIT radio.

The Central Washington Survivors Club at North Star Lodge offers cancer survivors many ways to retain or regain strength while meeting others with similar experiences.   Our guest today is Donna Perrault, one of the organizers and volunteers with the Central Washington Survivors Club.


Who can join?

Cancer survivors and people currently in treatment are welcome to participate.


Does it cost anything?

No.  There is no cost to join, but if there’s an activity or event, that information is shared prior to the event.


How often do you meet and where?

  • The group meets every Wednesday.
  • The first Wednesday of the month we meet in the community room at North Star Lodge for a hosted lunch with a guest speaker.  The speaker presents on a variety of topics pertaining to survivorship and self care.
  • For the other Wednesdays, we have a walking group.


What types of activities do you do?

  • Last September, we did a midnight hike up the Naches Loop trail precededby dinner at Whistlin Jack’s.
  • We have a walking group that meets every Wednesday at 9 am at various locations.


In your own words, why do you feel this type of group is important to the members?   What are the benefits

to members who do join? 

  • The support you get from others who have travelled this path is so valuable. They “get it” when you share what you are experiencing, both physically and emotionally.
  • They encourage when you doubt yourself.
  • They simply are there to listen or give a hug if needed.


Where can I find more information:

www.northstarlodge.org.  Patient support tab, classes and support.  Or call 574-3490


Information about Donna’s journey:

  • Diagnosed with ovarian cancer in October 2010.  Treated at North Star Lodge
  • Cancer reoccurred in November 2011.  Another surgery, chemo and radiation that concluded in July 2012
  • Cancer reoccurred in March 2013.  Second surgery scheduled for later this month.