Teens Pull Weeds to Raise Money for Children’s Village

By Ian Cull. Published Monday, June 20th, 2011 Spending a day of summer vacation doing yard work for a complete stranger is not most teenagers idea of fun, but a small group of teens in Yakima did just that Monday. If you’ve ever been in charge of clearing a patch of ivy, you know it Read more about Teens Pull Weeds to Raise Money for Children’s Village[…]

Setting the Example.

Halfway through my college education, I realized that chemistry was not the field that I would pursue. I decided to make medicine my life. As an orthopedic surgeon (I almost chose the path of pediatric orthopedics), my career allowed me to work with the parts of the human system designed to facilitate movement. When I joined the Memorial Foundation Board, I wanted to achieve the same support toward motion in our community.