Meet Daniel Kwon, MD

Specializing in physical medicine rehabilitation and pain medicine, Daniel Kwon is a physician at Water’s Edge Pain Clinic. Daniel got into medicine because he likes the challenges of science; the fact that everything is dynamic and moving. He also enjoys the diversity associated with helping patients get to a better place than their current situation. Read more about Meet Daniel Kwon, MD[…]

Meet David Doornink, MD

David Doornink has been an internist at Cornerstone Medical Clinic ever since he graduated from medical school. He has an appreciation for the effects of disease on people and how as a physician he can help people deal with an illness. David likes getting to know his patients, understanding their likes and dislikes while helping Read more about Meet David Doornink, MD[…]

Meet Our Physicians: David Pommer, MD

David Pommer, MD David Pommer has been a family physician at Selah Family Medicine since 2011 and has been practicing in Yakima Valley for 10 years. During college, David decided to go into medicine to help others. He views a patient’s health as a long term investment and believes that patients are looking for a Read more about Meet Our Physicians: David Pommer, MD[…]

Meet Martin Bäcker, MD

As an internist at Memorial Cornerstone Medicine and a pediatrician at Pacific Crest Family Medicine, Martin Bäcker is passionate about taking care of patients. He believes as a doctor, his job is not just to treat disease, but to help people live healthier lives. After living in New York for several years, Martin now enjoys Read more about Meet Martin Bäcker, MD[…]

Meet Vicky Jones, MD

Vicky Jones, MD Vicky Jones is a medical oncologist and a medical director at North Star Lodge. When she began working with people who have been diagnosed with cancer, Vicky chose to approach her relationship with each patient directly, believing that it’s best to always be honest with people. She walks the path with her Read more about Meet Vicky Jones, MD[…]