What is Hospice?  Part 2

A hospice challenge is getting patients onto a hospice service soon enough to be fully beneficial for both the patient and the family. Hospice is available to patients that have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with a prognosis of 6 months or less and we work to get our patients onto service as soon Read more about What is Hospice?  Part 2[…]

Is there a “good death”?

The Memorial Foundation has nurtured Hospice services in Yakima, all the while my own life has shaped my personal understanding of death. Despite a career in health care philanthropy and administration and a personal interest in wellness, when death came into my life it was sudden, pervasive and wholly unexpected. It was first sparked by Read more about Is there a “good death”?[…]

Laying The Foundations For Hospice

By Mark Young, Hospice Development It was great to again visit the Cottage in the Meadow site and speak with Don Holden, foreman with VK Powell, general contractor on the project. Joining Don and me were two special friends of hospice, Corrine Neubert and Arlene Cuillier. These two sisters both had previous experiences with hospice Read more about Laying The Foundations For Hospice[…]

Laying The Foundations For Hospice Pt. 2

I stopped by Cottage in the Meadow construction this week and could actually see where all 12 patient rooms will be! It’s so exciting to see the building starting to take shape. Cottage in the Meadow construction began in early September and is moving along nicely. The concrete slabs have been poured and framing of Read more about Laying The Foundations For Hospice Pt. 2[…]

About Cottage in the Meadow

Dedicated providers bring hospice services to hundreds of patients and family members every year. That care is usually offered-as it should be-in the familiar and comforting surroundings of home. But sometimes home care just isn’t possible. For the widower who lives alone and has no caregiver For the elderly couple not strong enough to care Read more about About Cottage in the Meadow[…]