Doctor gives birth; 14 hours later delivers her patient’s twins

Photo: Dr. Hilary Conway holds her new daughter, Verna Mai

Dr. Hilary Conway woke up early Wednesday, Dec. 13, to feed her newborn daughter, Verna Mai, from her bed at Virginia Mason Memorial hospital.

Then she checked her phone. There was a text. One of the doctor’s patients wrote to say that her water broke and she was on her way in deliver twins. Early. Also at Virginia Mason Memorial hospital.

So what did Dr. Hilary Conway do? She got out of bed at 3 a.m., put on a pair of scrubs and went to find her patient. A mere 14 hours after giving birth.

“I walked out into the hallway and asked if she was here, and they said, ‘She’s right next door.’ I thought to myself, ‘I got this.’ ”

Dr. Conway and Katie Moss headed to the operating room, and twins Luke and Soren were born at 4:50 a.m. and 5:38 a.m.

“I would have been really sad to have missed this baby,” said Dr. Conway, an OB/GYN with Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic. “It was a magical thing that she was here and right next to me.” Her family, with husband Dr. Joel Pearson, is now four with new daughter Verna Mai and son Thor, 22 months.

“Dr. Conway and I became really close,” said patient Katie. “She helped us become pregnant, so it’s very personal.” The Moss family, with Katie and her husband, Daniel, have become five with son Gabriel, 4, and the twins.

“We’re really excited they’re here before Christmas!” said Katie.

Photo: Dr. Hilary Conway holds her new daughter, Verna Mai

Holiday Streakin’ Fitness Challenge

Healthy employees are happier employees! Yakima Herald reporter Mai Hoang interviews Dr. Tanny Davenport about the benefits of being fit. The benefits are many and you can do it, too!

YAKIMA, Wash. — Dr. Tanny Davenport often recommends exercise for his patients. Davenport isn’t all talk: He exercises daily.

“When I don’t exercise, I actually have less energy,” said Davenport, chief medical officer for Signal Health. “(Exercise) is definitely for both my mental and physical health.”

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Grief during the holidays

The holidays are here, but maybe you’re filled with grief and cannot find the joy of the season. You are not alone! You’re really not. Whether you lost a loved one recently, this past year, or anytime in the past, Virginia Mason Memorial has a class to help you get through the holidays. It’s no cost and filled with support. Please join us.
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Shopping, shopping, shopping! At Yakima’s finest boutique (and you won’t believe where it is!)

The Picture of Health: Check out the great holiday gift items available from the hospital’s gift shop (yes, it’s a fabulous boutique with gourmet food items, clothes and fun gifts, and flowers from Gasperetti’s Floral) and DON’T MISS OUR SPECIAL GUEST who came all the way from the North Pole to visit us! Find us from Nov. 27 through Dec. 8 on Channel 192 for Charter Cable subscribers. Find the show online and watch any episode at any time at — Look for “YCTV Current Schedule.”

#GivingTuesday – It’s Not a Matter of ‘If’… It’s a Matter of “When”

If cancer has not touched your life already, it will one day. Whether it be through a personal diagnosis, or the diagnosis of a loved one – cancer makes its mark on everyone. It’s not a matter of “if”… it’s a matter of “when.”

Meet Jill… she is a cancer survivor. She found hope and support in the superior cancer care services that are available to her locally, in Yakima. Because of this, she made her journey towards recovery at home, where she felt comfortable.

Today, she is a survivor. Jill has made it her mission to support, and encourage others in the community, to support the services that saved her life. She understands firsthand the impact our generous community makes. Won’t you become a part of this impact?

This #GivingTuesday, November 28, lend your support to the superior cancer services that exist locally, in Yakima.  The superior cancer care services that saved Jill’s life. You can help turn patients into survivors.

Visit our #GivingTuesday page to learn about other giving opportunities.

Recent batch of street drugs causing overdoses in Yakima

Beware! Dr. Marty Brueggemann, Virginia Mason Memorial’s Chief Medical Officer, helps spread the word about a recent batch of street drugs that is causing overdoses in Yakima.

YAKIMA, Wash. — Batches of bad street drugs — sold as Xanax, heroin and fentanyl, among others — are eliciting concerns from local and federal law enforcement agencies as well as local medical professionals treating the potentially deadly consequences.

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Mom, am I Special Needs?

“Alex actually came up to me, we were sitting at the dinner table, he asked me, he goes “Mom, am I Special Needs?” And it broke my heart ‘cos I didn’t know what to tell him and so I kinda just bypassed the question and my husband came and was just like “Everybody’s different, just like I wear glasses, you wear glasses, mom doesn’t wear glasses, or I’m a boy and your sister’s a girl, hair color and stuff but me I was just like frozen. What do you say? And I didn’t know how to react. He’s getting to the age now where he’s starting to realize he’s different. And I don’t know how to address it so I reach out to you guys to kind of help and the guidance of how do you tell them and make them understand that they already feel different”