A teen mom of 2 kids

I have two children; one is almost 4 years old and one is an 18 month old baby.  I am 18 years old and yes, it is kinda hard having two children.  They are so wonderful to have around me.  They are always with me, 24/7.  Taking care of two kids is hard while I’m still going to school, but I’m getting used to it.

My 4 year old is going to school. He is in pre-school.  It’s hard because I am trying to graduate from high school.  I always get to class late and then I have to get out of class to pick him up and wait for his bus for 15 minutes.  My 18 month old baby is so tiny.  I have to be careful with her.  She wakes me up at night still.  But having more than one child has changed my life so much.  I am so happy.  I love them so much!

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