A teen mom talks about labor

Letter #2: by Ana

Hi. My name is Ana and I have a 9 month old daughter.  Nevaeh is her name and crawling is her game.  I’m going to talk to you a little about going through labor.  While you are going through labor, find an object and keep staring at it, and then when you get your contractions just breathe in and out and relax.  All I did was paid attention to the red heat lamp and stared at it while I was breathing in and out.

Another advice from me is that going natural is the best thing you do.  It’s worth it and you don’t have any pains or anything wrong with you after birth.  I personally know girls who have pains, cramps, backaches and many other pains.  So go natural and you will be pain free after you deliver.

You can do it!

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