A thankful Healthy Yakima reader: Read Rob’s Story

apple“Please accept my sincere Thank You for publishing Healthy Yakima.  I’m a recent “convert” to the healthy lifestyle and do not intend to spend any time looking back.  What did it for me was watching the documentary “Hungry for Change” and buying a NutriBullet machine.  I’ve lost 35 pounds (over 5 months) and will turn 50 in a few weeks weighing 138 pounds— my weight in High School.

Yakima needs more positive messages like those contained in Healthy Yakima to reinforce the importance of nutrition & exercise.  Since my conversion to the healthy lifestyle, I am much more aware of the harmful advertisements like the Carl’s Jr. TV ad—this shows a burger that I am guessing is close to 1,000 calories, and full of fat, sodium, and who knows what else . . .

I’ve learned a lot about nutrition over these past 5 months, and believe education & information are key to changing behaviors.  I’m learning to read labels and to understand what I am eating.  Hats off to you for taking the leadership role in creating this publication—there is much work to be done.”

—Rob Tee

Read the inaugural issue of Healthy Yakima here: http://bit.ly/15G36NP

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