The Dream Team

Today marks ONE YEAR from when Alma and her son Nikko started their “Children’s Village Journey”  A year ago,  Alma left Children’s Village feeling completely lost, like she had been hit by a train, today she feels confident, and fortunate that she is able to help her son be understood.  All due to the AMAZING support Children’s Village has given them.

Nikko’s mom, Alma, shares that she sees her “dream team” at Children’s Village: the medical doctor, Parent to Parent program and the ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) program.  Nikko was diagnosed at 2 years old with autism.  Children’s Village taught Alma how to keep up with him saying, “We’ve come a long way in the last six months and meltdowns are less often.  He has learned some sign language and the ability to communicate which has helped.”  Their family journey over the past years has gone from coming to Children’s Village seeking help for speech, thinking that all his behavior issues were related to his speech delays, and then meeting with the medical staff at Children’s Village who gave Nikko a diagnosis of autism.  It was a big process of accepting – Alma heard the word but had never been around autism with her family… “What did I just hear?”  The social worker from Children’s Village called mom shortly after the medical appointment to check up on her to see if Alma was okay.  Once over the shock- Alma met with the Parent to Parent staff and felt like she followed them like a lost duck – “Where do I go?” Alma was encouraged to join the Holland group, there she began to relax.  “The program took myself, Nikko and our entire family, out of isolation.  The acceptance we feel at Children’s Village is so wonderful, we are so grateful, you don’t get this kind of support everywhere; small things matter.  The work that Children’s Village does for kids and their families is so welcoming and makes us so happy,” said Alma, a very grateful mom.