The importance of Children’s Village: Eva’s Story, told by her mom…

Eva is 12, she loves to color, to be outside, animals, and to go to school with her friends. She also was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 3 ½, and later got the diagnosis as intractable epilepsy after several failed attempts with medications and other treatments. Her seizures have evolved and we have tried several different medications and methods to treat them. She recently was diagnosed with Lennox Gestaut syndrome, which is a very severe   form of epilepsy. 

Due to her epilepsy, she has cognitive delays and some behavioral issues. This is how we came to Children’s Village about two years ago. We started with a behavioral therapist and it became apparent to him that there was more going on with Eva. With his help and advocacy, we were able to get a diagnosis of autism for Eva about a year ago which has been monumental for her and our family, as it has allowed us to access many more resources, especially through Children’s Village. 

Children’s Village has become a second home to Eva and our family. She has received occupational therapy, speech, hippo-therapy, neurodevelopmental, dentistry, and psychiatry. Also, our family has been greatly supported through the Parent to Parent program: we have loved the Holland group, Sibshops for our other kids, and the One 2 One recreational program. 

Walking into Children’s Village is a different experience than any other medical clinic. Professionals are personable, patient, kind and understanding. They “get it” on a different level. 

About a month ago I told my husband that after living in the Yakima Valley for almost 5 years, I finally know why we’re here. It’s so that Eva could receive the extensive services at Children’s Village. We could not ask for better care for Eva and are so glad that we have professionals to help us navigate this new journey. 

There’s a quote from Joseph Campbell that embodies our journey with Eva, “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”