Therapy Dog Extraordinaire: Tootie

image002One of our Memorial employees, Michelle Hacker volunteers her time on Fridays to visit patients at North Star Lodge with her amazing Therapy Dog, Tootie. Here’s a story from Michelle:

Every time I visit North Star Lodge with my Therapy Dog, Tootie, we are welcomed by the friendly staff and patients. Patients call her by name now!

Today, one of her regular patient and patient families to visit had this to say:

I asked, “How are you doing today?” The reply was, “Things are not looking good.”

Silence engulfed us and we both looked down at Tootie, petting her. Then he looked up with a big smile and watery eyes and said, “We talk about our Friday visits with Tootie all week long. Things are not looking good right now and some days all we do is look forward to our next visit with Tootie. She gives us HOPE.”

 Thank you Michelle and Tootie for providing hope to the patients and families at North Star Lodge!

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